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Learn about us!

Welcome to Rated! This is a space built for students, by students. We're here to help show realistic college ratings and provide a way to help you decide what school you want to go to based on the quality of the school for your program. 

You might be wonder "how come there are no stats up yet?". Well, we're just getting started! In order to get stats out to everyone as soon as possible, please help fill out the survey and send it to your friends! This will ensure we get the data we need to provide you with accurate stats as fast as we can.


Check out a major that you're interested in! See what schools were rated the highest quality in teaching that program.


Add your experiences to the list! The more experiences you add, the more accurate our data will be. Just add in your experience for each class you're taking. The average of all the data will be calculated for that particular school and we'll be able to update the rankings.

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