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Empty School Desks And Chairs


Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my page! I want to tell you a little bit more about why I made this page. There's a couple reasons that sparked my idea, why I thought it would be helpful, and important.

I'm a student, just like you! When it came to searching for colleges to go to, I didn't have anyone to help me out and tell me what would be a good fit for my interests. Because of that, I had to sit and sift through forum searching for things like "top schools for x program". I couldn't tell if the results I got were credible and some of these programs I had never even heard of. So I thought it would be a great idea to have all those results in one place.

Another reason I created this space is because I've had a lot of struggles through the years arguing back and forth with professors and faculty about why a certain class doesn't quite make sense and with no empathy, I've gotten responses like "Sounds like you just don't belong here" or "Well, that professor has been teaching here for a lot time". This is quite discouraging and over time I have come to understand that it's not always the students fault. Some professors are not teaching us the way we should be taught and other professors feel like they're better than us because they have the degree that we're trying to obtain. This isn't fair and we need a better picture and understand of what we're going into before we make that final decision.


Overall, this site is created to help students help other students. We want real school ratings based on your experiences taking the classes and being there. We don't some survey done by a stranger, or faculty telling you their school is great just because they teach there, or unfair rankings because one school has more money than the other.


I want to create a space for students to help other students make the right decision on what school they should go to for their major!

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